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Sport and Classic Car Company


  Billions of Car Parts Company

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Scarce parts along with interesting experienced spares as well as odds and bobs


This section is for a few but by no means all of the rare items we have available. Rolls-Royce Royce and Bentley items are in their section. Some items here are automobile related and others are interesting objects, antiques and unique items we have found over the last 35 years. We are making these items available for purchase by highest offer or by fixed price as noted.  Many more items will be listed here as time permits. If you have an interest in some of these, send your best offer and we might just take it. Click the pictures to expand them.


We have Austin Healey 3000 cylinder heads, engine blocks, exhaust and intake manifolds, several Jaguar V12 engines ( everyone needs one of these) TR4 engines, a TR4 transmission, Jaguar MK 9 parts car, on and on. Nash Metropolitan convertible parts car, Jaguar XJS-C Cabriolet and a 1986 XJS Coupe


The following rare and obsolete parts are all for sale! We have a great many more.  


Pic00007.jpg (54944 bytes)


An original illuminated Triumph sign. Probably 1960's vintage for sale. This may be the only remaining example of this sign to exist.  $3500.00




Late 1940's -1950's vintage double sided Neon Westinghouse electric sign for sale.  All the neon tubes are intact and working and this is an amazing thing for such an old sign. Original unrestored condition.    $2500.00



How about a nice fresh BD4828 front windshield seal for Jaguar MKVII 



MGTD gas tank  $650.00    We also have MGTD doors, a body tub, brake drums, driveshaft, differential Girling shocks, a very nice complete MGTD frame, transmission tunnel cover and a right hand drive dashboard and a good transmission. We also have original front and rear wings or fenders. All are original parts. let us know if you need something from this car.



Here is a dusty new old stock steering column shifter cover for a 1960-1967 Jaguar Mark II automatic complete with wiring. These are usually cracked or broken. 


This new old stock Lucas Model L874 lamp was used on AJS, Triumph, BSA and Norton motorcycles. 


This BD 26762 Jaguar badge was used on all Jaguar cars built from about 1960-1979. 

  P1010222.JPG (75904 bytes)

This new old stock 34090 Lucas headlamp and ignition combo switch comes with keys and fits many 1950's British cars. 



Here is an original Girling  # 4299GT shock pair for a Jaguar. For a 100 point restoration. 


How about a 64111381785 transistor board for a BMW? 



Here we have a new old stock Lucas battery cap with it's original hose for a real purist. 



Original MGTD horn button switch, used and works. 


Keep cool with this circa 1925 Hunter brass blade oscillating fan that can be mounted on a wall like it is now or sitting on a desk. In great original condition, it's been rewired, lubricated and is ready for another 80 years of service. You will want this fan to help survive global warming. $250.00


Sport and Classic Car Company


  Billions of Car Parts Company

        10525 Airline Drive        Houston, Texas 77037